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SATURDAY'S SHOW IS CANCELLED DUE TO SNOWSTORM.  THERE WILL BE TWO SHOWS ON SUNDAY:  AT 2 PM AND AT 7 PM.  Please drop off your children at 11 am at the PAC on Sunday.  The cast party will take place between the two shows - we will feed pizza to all the children as well.  Thanks for your patience through all of the weather-driven trials...  on with the show!   

The Wizard of Oz
2014 WSSTA Musical Production

Synopsis of THE WIZARD OF OZ, The Musical
As the overture ends, Dorothy rushes in, troubled by an encounter with MISS GULCH, AUNT EM, UNCLE HENRY and the three farmhands - HICKORY, ZEKE AND HUNK - are too busy to truly listen to Dorothy's rantings.  Aunt Em dismisses Dorothy, who begins to daydream of a place where there "isn't any trouble" (Over The Rainbow).  Miss Gulch rides away on her bicycle with an order fro the sheriff to take TOTO away from Dorothy.  Dorothy decides to run away to protect her dog.  Back on the farm, all are preparing for a coming tornado.  Before Dorothy can find anyone, she realizes that the house is in the air.  The storm ends abruptly and Dorothy and Toto enter a vivid Technicolor world, very aware that they are "not in Kansas anymore".  They are greeted by GLINDA, the Good Witch of the North, who tries to make sense out of this extraordinary situation.  Reassured of their safety, the MUNCHKINS come out of hiding.  Everyone recounts the events that brought Dorothy to Munchkinland and they rejoice at the death of the WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST.  The joyous celebration is interrupted by the arrival of the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST.  When The Wicked Witch finally exits, Glinda suggests that Dorothy find her way to the Emerald City for her own safety, so she heads down the Yellow Brick Road.  On the way, she meets a SCARECROW, a TIN MAN and finally a LION. The Wicked Witch, determined to get Dorothy's ruby slippers, sends the JITTERBUGS to make Dorothy dance until the shoes fall from her feet.  Her evil plan fails, and the friends arrive at The Emerald City.  ThE OZIANS protect Dorothy, and while waiting for the GUARD to announce their presence to the Wizard, the friends fantasize about what life will be like after their wishes are granted.  During their very intimidating audience with the WIZARD OF OZ, Dorothy and her friends are challenged to bring the broomstick of the Wicked Witch back to The Wizard. During their attempts to do this, they are attacked by the WINGED MONKEYS, but ultimately the brave friends (led by Toto) succeed in escaping and putting an end to the Witch.  Returning to The Wizard, Toto reveals the "Great Oz" to actually be a fraud, just a simple man masquerading, who, despite his humbleness, offers great wisdom to The Scarecrow, The Lion and The Tin Man.  Yet, Dorothy wishes to return home to Kansas, and finally Glinda shows her that she has had the power all along...  "There's No Place Like Home".
Music and Lyrics of the MGM Picture Score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg
Background Music by Herbert Stothart

Eliana Lichtman, who has been working with West Side School students for two years as choreographer, is excited to direct this year's show! Ms. Lichtman has spent the last eleven years performing in regional and community theater productions, as well as directing and choreographing for the past 5 years. She teaches Musical Theater and Dance classes at the Cultural Arts Playhouse in Plainview and Roslyn as part of their Musical Theater and Acting Academy. Ms. Lichtman has choreographed across Long Island at the Cultural Arts Playhouse (both mainstage and youth productions), SoLuna Studio in Happaugue , Half Hollow Hills High School East and West, and Molloy College. Most recently she was noted for her choreography of the Long Island premier of In the Heights. There is nothing that Ms. Lichtman loves more than performing, and she hopes to impart that love of theater to the students of West Side School. 
We are also very happy to welcome Mr. Chris McKee this year as our MUSICAL DIRECTOR.